The 9th World Aquatech Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2017-11-08 22:57:59 kagu 354
Couplings   PASS participated in the 9th World Aquatech Exhibition, Shanghai, China.
  From the 15th to 17th June 2016, PASS participated in the the 9th world
  Aquatech Exhibition, Shanghai, China. The newly developed PASSproduct
  – Nylon beautiful  coating  coupling had its debutin the exhibition  which
  means that PASS has mastered  the coating process ability for different
  kinds of cast iron coupling. It will become a better choice for  the duplex
  steel coupling  customer with abrasion resistance and impact resistance  
  characteristics and  economical price. PASS  products are always spoken  
  highly  of  in the industry. Like usual, the company booth attracted many 
                                                                domestic  and foreign water  treatment  industry  professionals  to visit  
                                                                and discuss.
                                                                The company's values  and product  quality was  widely accepted.  
                                                                This is why PASS stands out in the industry.