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    Hangzhou Pass Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd offers unique solutions and a comprehensive product line specifically designed for High Pressure RO System. We have a team of engineers who have over 15 years experience in water treatment, have extensive experience in the industry and under-stands both the issues and needs of membrane integrators, owners and design engineers. According to the performance and working requirement of SW RO Membrance, PASS has designed and manufactured Model SS-1200 Stainless Steel coupling with 1200psi working pressure.

  System Solutions and Benefits

  • Meet finite schedules

  • Couplings Because of the fast and simple installed characteristics of PASS Coupling, the build, commission, test [more]

  • Safe & Reliable

  • Couplings The Gaskets utilize the most advanced nonlinear finite element analysus the research and development team predicts[more]

  • System Maintenance & Maintainability

  • Couplings By using PASS piping systems,schedule maintanence or changing out inefficient equipment is[more]

  • Quality Certification

  • Couplings PASS Couplings have passed ISO9001 Certification. [more]


  Featured Products

  • SS-1200 Duplex Flexible Coupling

  • Couplings The most advanced nonlinear finite element analysus is adopted in the design of PASS SS-1200[more]

  • Literature and Project Briefs

  • Couplings Zhoushan liuheng desalination plant[more]