Hangzhou Pass Fluid Equipment CO., Ltd is a professional corporation specialized in the design and manufacture of grooved pipe fittings. Located in beautiful Hangzhou , the company insists on quality-oriented principle, and manufactures products according to international first class standards. It depends on perfect sales and service network, to provide customers with overall service.

The PASS company has independent product development and design capability. Its products include stainless steel pipe fittings with diameter range from 20mm to 300mm, ductile iron pipe fittings with diameter ranging from 20mm to 600mm, plastic pipe fittings with diameter ranging from 25mm to 200mm.The design and manufacture are in accordance with international first-class standards .The testing is in compliance with American Standard ANSI/AWWA and China National Standard GB5135.The metal and sealing materials meet American ASTM standard. The sealing material of drinking water fulfills ANSI/NSF 61 standard and China National Hygiene Standard GB/T 17219.

The Pass company has the flawless quality control management and strictly carries it out in the whole process which is in compliance with ISO9001 Quality System from designing, raw materials procurement, manufacturing process. The stainless steel couplings adopt international advanced Silica dewaxing with precise casting. The Ductile Iron couplings.