Beijing Xiao Hongmen 1000,000 m3/d UF water treatment system

2018-07-13 pass 531

The OriginWater is the one of largest membrane manufacture in the world. Its Xiao Hongmen &n...

Singapore Changi 400,000 m3/d reclaimed water treatment system

2018-07-12 pass 689

  The Changi water plant now is the largest water plant in Singapore, 800,000 m3/day sewage treatment  capacity,228,000 m3/day(60MGD)  regeneration water capacity, the 1st phase pr...

Saudi Arabia 100,000 m3/d seawater desalination system

2018-07-12 pass 772

The  ACCIONA is the largest energy company in Spain, its Al jubail seawater desalination RO projecthas 100000 m3/day capacity. The project can meet Al jubail and other reginal ...

China national stadium(Bird Nest)rainwater recycling

2018-07-12 pass 542

       The National Stadium (Bird's Nest), located in Beijing Olympic park southern district, it is the main stadium in the     29th  Olympic Games.&nb...